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What’s your plan of action if you or a loved one need specialized care in your home or in an assisted-living facility?

If you or a loved one are in your 50’s or 60’s, you may want to consider planning for an extended healthcare event. Coverage includes: paying for the services and facilities you may need such as: home care, adult day care, or assisted living and skilled nursing-home care. In addition, this insurance will help to protect your family’s income, lifestyle and assets. Long-Term Care Insurance is a plan for your loved one’s future. We have found that even the best laid plans may not be enough to protect those you care about. Have you thought about the financial impact on you or your loved ones should you have a long-term care event? Jacoby Insurance Group is here to help you explore coverage options, answer those hard questions and ease your mind about the future. Contact us at 406.457.1243 or click below to request more information.

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